Alternative Fuse Webmail

Alternative Fuse

  • Alternative Fuse free and secure webmailoffers a unique user experience with streaming radio, games, coupons, Instant messenger incorporated into an advanced User Interface, including Context Menu and message Preview Pane.
  • Alternative Fuse fully supports the MIME email format and HTML messages.
  • Quickview: open emails inside the message list without page reload (incl. Quickreply)
  • Ability to create custom message folders.
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • Direct Delivery: users can send directly to destination server for priority emails.
  • Integrated address book with unlimited contacts.
  • Address Autocompleter in Compose page.
  • Message Autosaver: prevents your users from loosing text while composing a message.
  • Read receipts, ensure your message has arrived to its intended destination.
  • Calendar and Event system (monthly, weekly, daily and yearly view). Ability to create global/shared events.
  • Save outgoing messages (Drafts) and send them later.
  • Powerful Message Rules: sort messages based on several terms, including date, subject, sender, importance and more.
  • Drag & Drop File Storage.
  • Add Attachments from File Storage and save Attachments to it for later use.
  • Search messages using a powerful search engine.

Sticky Notes: Access, add, sort and categorize valuable info quickly even while in mail. Signatures and Autoresponders.

  • Huge variety of User Preferences.
  • Strong security measures to assure your users privacy.
  • Special log-in persistence that allows you to resume actions after being logged out.
  • Organize your time more efficiently.
  • Improve your time and resource management.
  • Setup reminders for your events and tasks.
  • Easily export and import calendars.
  • Share your calendar with others!
  • Get unlimited free webmailstorage.
  • Better interface than Hotmail, secure like Hushmail.
  • Create Folders, and Notes
  • Strong security measures. IP protection.
  • Make powerful webmail rules for sending and receiving messages.

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